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Paco adn the Magical Book - Pako to Maho no Ehon (Japanese Movie w. English Sub, All Region DVD version)

Paco adn the Magical Book - Pako to Maho no Ehon (Japanese Movie w. English Sub, All Region DVD version)

    In "Paco and the Magical Book," a cantankerous old man, Okunuki (Koji Yakusho), collapses during a board meeting and is sent off to the hospital. He grew his company from a small time shop to a mega corporation by having the personality of a pit bull. At the hospital, Okunuki is put off by everyone around him. The cast of characters include a transvestite, a former child actor now a suicidal adult, and a scarred man shot from a mysterious bullet. He then comes across young Paco (Ayaka Wilson). The cheerful young girl asks Okunuki to read out loud her favorite picture book. At first he refuses, but relents after more prodding. What Okunuki doesn't know is that Paco suffers from severe short term memory loss. After a car accident that killed her parents Paco can only hold new memories for one day. The next day, Okunuki comes across Paco, but Paco doesn't recognize Okunuki. Paco again asks Okunuki to read to her, but Okunuki becomes furious believing the girl is playing a child's prank. When Paco pulls out a lighter that Okunuki mistakenly believes she stole from him, he becomes even more enraged and punches her in the face. The following day, Okunuki meets Paco again and again Paco doesn't recognize him. Okunuki then realizes that girl wasn't playing a prank and for the first time in his life he starts to feel guilt. But is it too late to make amends? Molto bello da vedere e raccogliere, è possibile scaricare dalle nostre risorse, la disponibilità è diversa per ogni area download, registrarsi gratuitamente e verificare la disponibilità nella vostra zona. Guarda online Con la versione di prova gratuita di 30 giorni. Godetevi il filmato

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